Dear Valued A. Arnold Customer:

Any claims you have listed on your Notice of Loss and Damage Form at delivery, or have filed with the carrier on your Notice of Loss and Damage Form After Delivery within the required 75 days, must also be submitted to the carrier on the attached Claim Form 1844. The Claim Form 1844 must be received by A. Arnold’s claims department within 9 months from your delivery date in order to receive full value coverage. Damage noted on the Notice of Loss and Damage Forms does not constitute filing a claim.

Please click on the links provided to fill out the Intent to File a Claim Form and the Claim Form 1844 at your earliest convenience. The Claim Form 1844 is in a formfill pdf.file which will enable you to type directly on the form, save it to your hard drive, and email it back to us as an attachment. The Intent to File a Claim Form must be printed and filled out, then you can scan and email it to us as well. Or if you prefer, you can print both forms and fill them out later to be mailed or faxed to the attention of our claims department.

The carrier has the right to perform an inspection of all damaged items and has the rights to salvage any item when replacement is paid. It is the carriers responsibility to secure repair estimates, however, the carrier may request claimant's assistance in obtaining these estimates. (The carrier will reimburse the member for all estimate fees if required.) Please do not discard any items or secure any paid estimates unless approved by the carrier.

Please email our claims department or contact us at 800-626-5371 if you should have any questions.

A. Arnold Relocation

Louisville Claims Department
(502) 426-7050
(800) 626-5371